Good & Cheap Medan Hotels Below USD55 per night

With the intense competition that hotels are facing against each other, many are resorting to lowering room rate to draw travellers to their properties. With the ever-increasing supply of hotels in practically every destination, it’s a sin to spend more than you should for your accommodation. Here are the good & cheap Medan hotels below USD55 per night. You’re welcome!

1. Sofyan Hotel Saka (Halal Hotel)

With sleek interiors and a modern layout, Sofyan Hotel Saka definitely has a lovely environment. It also has an in-house restaurant and cafe that serves a wide range of western cuisines!


cheap medan hotels room sofyan hotel



Just 6km away from the Medan train station, you’ll have easy access to the city life and shopping district of Medan when you book a stay here. What’s more, it’s also just 7km away from the beautiful Maimun Palace!


cheap medan hotels sofyan hotel



Address: Jalan Gagak Hitam No.14, Sunggal

Price from: USD 44



2. Grand Sakura Hotel

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with Grand Sakura Hotel’s sophisticated and classy atmosphere! Its spacious restaurant, amazing service and plush rooms will promise a lovely stay. What’s more, there’s even a fitness center, a bar, massage services, and karaoke facilities – perfect for those who love entertainment! Their comprehensive facilities have definitely helped their inclusion in our good & cheap medan hotels list.


cheap medan hotels grand sakura



Situated in the heart of Medan city, booking your stay here also means you can have easy access to favourite attractions like Medan Mall, Merdeka Square, and Deli Plaza. Medan Train Station is also just 800m metres away, making this hotel really accessible.


cheap medan hotels grand sakura



Address: Jalan Prof. HM. Yamin Sh No.41, Perintis, Medan

Price from: USD 42


3. Karibia Boutique Hotel

The unique exterior of this hotel already makes this stay stand out! Featuring plush rooms, fitness centre, spa, and karaoke facilities, Karibia Boutique Hotel is perfect for those looking for a lux-for-less holiday experience. What’s more, there are even cafes and restaurants available in this hotel!


cheap medan hotels karibia boutique



This amazing hotel is located 1.2km away from Medan’s city centre, and just 350m away from public transport. It’s definitely easy to get to popular attractions when you book a stay here!


cheap medan hotels karibia boutique gym



Address: Jalan imor Blok J No.I-IV, Medan Timur, Gang Buntu

Price from: USD 39


4. Swiss-Belinn Medan

With massage services, a fitness centre, and tour packages available for booking, Swiss-Belinn Medan is the place to stay. The elegant interiors and throwback-retro layout will definitely impress you! This hotel is one of the main gems (read: under-priced) in this list of good & cheap medan hotels. 


cheap medan hotels swiss belinn



Situated right in the city centre, Swiss-Belinn Medan no doubt has a convenient and accessible location! The Tirtanadi Water Tower and Trophy Tours are also easy to get to from the hotel, making it a wonderful stay for those eager to explore Medan city.


cheap medan hotels swiss belinn cafe



Address: Jalan Surabaya No.88, Ps. Baru, Medan

Price from: USD 46




5. Miyana Hotel

With modern furnishings and quirky decorations, Miyana Hotel gives off a simple yet sophisticated vibe! What’s great about this hotel is that it has a spacious restaurant, cafe, and bar, as well as a range of entertainment facilities: karaoke and massage services.  


cheap medan hotels Miyana Hotel



This hotel is just 6.3km away from the city centre, which makes it easy for guests to explore the city.


cheap medan hotels miyana hotel


Address: Jalan H. Anif No.28, Medan Estate, Percut Sei Tuan

Price from: USD 54


6. Madani Hotel 

With elegant furnishings and grand layouts, Madani Hotel Medan definitely has a classy atmosphere. Its plush rooms overlook beautiful cultural sites, while its spacious restaurants offer an alfresco dining experience! With spa and wellness facilities available, you’ll definitely be able to unwind and decompress at this lovely abode.


cheap medan hotels Madani Hotel Medan



Madani Hotel is surrounded by lots of popular attractions. The Maimun Palace is just 1.2km away while malls like Medan Mall and Medan Centre Point are within 3km away. Additionally, the Medan Train Station is also just 3km from the hotel. Location is one main factor this hotel has made it into our list of good & cheap medan hotels.


cheap medan hotels madani hotel

image abukhaidir.files.wordpress


Address: Jalan Sisingamangaraja / Amaliun No. 1, Kotamatsum III

Price from: USD 46


7. Hotel Soechi International

Hotel Soechi International offers an amazing holiday experience with its hot tub, sauna, and spa facilities. It also has an outdoor pool, which is perfect for those who want some time to laze at the poolside. Additionally, rooms are also cozy and are also elegantly furnished, giving you the ultimate holiday experience.


cheap medan hotels Hotel Soechi International



Situated in the heart of Medan’s city centre, shopping malls are just within walking distance from this hotel. Medan Mall is just 0.5km away, while Medan Centre Point is just 0.9km away. With Medan Train Station also within walking distance from the hotel, Hotel Soechi International is definitely a great place to stay at.


cheap medan hotels soechi



Address: Jalan Cirebon No.76A, Pasar Baru, Medan

Price from: USD 43





8. Gandhi Inn

Filled with unique decorations and quirky furnishings, Ghandi Inn looks almost like an art gallery! Guests can enjoy some peace and quiet at Gandhi Inn’s private garden, or have a fun BBQ dinner with available BBQ facilities. You’ll also be pleased to know that breakfast is free for all guests who stay at Gandhi Inn!


cheap medan hotels gandhi inn



Just 1.7km away from Medan Train Station, Gandhi Inn no doubt has a great location. What’s more, it’s also just 1.5km away from the excitement of Medan’s city centre, making it a great stay for those who love food and shopping!


cheap medan hotels gandhi inn2



Address: Jalan Gandhi no. 125A,B / 137-139, Medan

Price from: USD 34


9. Antares Hotel

With a beautiful private garden and massage services this snug hotel is a lovely place to stay at. Guests who enjoy entertainment will also love the karaoke facilities, bar, and nightclub available at Antares Hotel!


cheap medan hotels Antares Penthouse



Only 5km away from Medan’s city center, you’ll be able to access Medan’s popular shopping malls and attraction easily. Additionally, the hotel’s close proximity to Tobali Tour & Travel makes it convenient for guests to plan and book tour packages for their holidays!


cheap medan hotels antares lobby



Address: Jalan Sisingamangaraja No 328, Percut Sei Tuan, Medan

Price from: USD 41


10. Grand Swiss-Belhotel

You wouldn’t believe that you could book this hotel for less than US50 a night! This is the ultimate gem on this list of good & cheap medan hotels. Complete with spa, sauna, and hot tub facilities, Grand Swiss-Belhotel is the perfect hotel for holiday-goers to relax and decompress. Additionally, there’s even an outdoor pool and BBQ facilities!


cheap medan hotels swiss-belhotel



This wonderful hotel is located just 1.6km away from Medan Train Station, giving you easy access to the city and various parts of North Sumatra. Foodies and shopaholics alike will love the convenient location of this amazing stay!


cheap medan hotels swiss-belhotel lobby



Address: Jalan Letjen S Parman No.217, Petisah Tengah, Medan

Price from: USD 55


With convenient locations and amazing facilities, these good & cheap medan hotels are definitely value-for-money. Booking a stay at these wonderful hotels would also mean you can set aside a little more money for shopping and enjoying delectable cuisines!


Prices are accurate as of 23 November 2017




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