things to do in lake toba

The number one reason people flock to Lake Toba is for its rare, vast, and magnificent views. While you will be in awe of what nature has to offer, you will feel so insignificant in the face of majestic Lake Toba. These are the things to do in Lake Toba to make your visit a complete one: 


Things to do in Lake Toba

1. Stay at one of the Parapat hotels that overlooks this imposing lake and its surrounding hills. 

2. Another element that draws people to Lake Toba is the Batak people and their culture. Known for their friendliness and cuisine, the Batak people always welcome tourists with open arms. You may want to hurry as the unique Batak food is changing due to dietary restrictions in Indonesia.

3. The main highlight of a trip to Lake Toba has to be a 1-hour ferry ride to Samosir Island that sits in the center of the lake. On this island, you can visit Batak villages (Tomok), Batak traditional homes and even the tombs of past Batak kings (Sidabutar).

4. For thrill seekers, you are able to do water sports at the lake itself. Activities such as swimming, snorkeling and jet-boating are readily available through appointed hotels and resorts at Parapat or Samosir Island.

5. If none of the above activities interest you, you can just choose to do nothing, enjoy the moment together with nature, and relax.

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